Examples of carried out projects in recent years:

1. ArcelorMittal Poland S.A.
  • total electrical work
  • restoration of cable ducts
  • repair of trafo 110 kV
  • repair of water pump switch house
  • restoration of engines
  • installation of overhead crane Q 3,2t
  • restoration of railroad signaling
  • repair of subassemblies and survey of overhead crane
  • repair of burdening charge
  • restoration of Wurth's batch

2. ABB Sp. z o.o. Odział Kraków i ŁódĽ.
  • realization of cable connections for switchgear
  • cabling 6/10 kV
  • montage of distributing transformers and wiring systems
  • assembling and trial running of 18-poles switchgear SN
  • realization of cable connections NN and SN
  • electrical installation of fire pump including cable supply
  • montage works - power supply for overhead cranes COS

[Rozmiar: 8886 bajtów]

3. Apator Control Sp. z o.o.
  • repair of overhead crane no. 6 in the Coking Plant " PrzyjaĽń" in the D±browa Górnicza
  • repair of overhead crane no. 3 in the Coking Plant " PrzyjaĽń" in the D±browa Górnicza

[Rozmiar: 11553 bajtów]

4. Elektrobudowa S.A.
  • electrical montage during construction works of coke battery no. 5 at the premises of "PrzyjaĽń" Cooking Plant in the D±browa Górnicza

[Rozmiar: 32825 bajtów]

5. HK Zakład Automatyzacji Sp. z o.o.
  • montage works including supply of materials in terms of automatics for Blast Fumace reline no.2 in the Dabrowa Górnicza

[Rozmiar: 42231 bajtów]

6. HK Utrzymanie Ruchu Zakładu
    Wielkopiecowego Sp. z o.o
  • repair works of appliances for the Casting House of Blast Fumace - RN 8/2 and RN 9/2 switching stations

[Rozmiar: 35990 bajtów]

7. Energo-Eko-System Sp. z o.o.
  • modernization of a dust extraction system for the casting house of Blast Fumace

[Rozmiar: 37066 bajtów]

8. Energoaparatura S.A.
  • works related to the external lighting
    on the SE 440/110 kV

[Rozmiar: 35115 bajtów]

9. Elektrometal S.A.
  • montage of emergency lighting
    for processing plant in the Department
    of Coal Mine "Ziemowit"

[Rozmiar: 24212 bajtów]

10. Zakład Energetyczny ZEN Sp. z o.o.
  • repair of cable channels

[Rozmiar: 13558 bajtów]

11. Mercury Engineering Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • installation of cable routes and telecommunication and electrical lighting in the parking of Bonarka City Center in Cracow

[Rozmiar: 13558 bajtów]

12. IQ Controls s.c.
  • design and installation of complex execution and delivery of materials and instrumentation cabling BMS of BCC

[Rozmiar: 13558 bajtów]

13. Twelve - Technika Świetlna
  • upgrading lighting in the hall charge in ArcelorMittal Poland  In the Dabrowa Górnicza

[Rozmiar: 13558 bajtów]

14. Qumak – Sekom S.A.
  • electro-energetic works in the construction
    of CH „Agora” Bytom

[Rozmiar: 13558 bajtów]

15. Elektro-Schubert Sp. z o.o.

Execution of two trolleys hopper car – „electrical power” including:

  • montage trolleys and insulators on ready brackets with supply of materials and use of equipment

  • complete installation of heating equipment in accordance with the documentation

  • enforcement activities related to the disposal of waste arising from the implementation of the agreement

  •  incorporate the technical documentation of all changes that were introduced during the task


[Rozmiar: 13558 bajtów]

[Rozmiar: 13558 bajtów]

16. Zespół Ciepłowni Przemysłowych Carbo-Energia Sp. z o.o.

Realization of task under name “Structure of electric installation and AKPiA “ for heating plant “ Halemba” in Ruda Śląska.

17. "Przewozy Regionalne" sp. z o.o.

Repair of illumination of revisory pit for railroad station Cracow - Płaszów


Tradition in success since 1970's

Headquarters' address:
ul. Bałuckiego 9a
30-318 Kraków
tel./fax: (0048) 12 267 75 41
tel.: (0048) 12 267 75 25

Building site management address:
ul. Kasprzaka 15
41-303 D±browa Górnicza
tel./fax: (0048) 32 792 79 46

NIP: 679-161-34-39
Regon: 357739823


- exterior lighting systems installations
- interior lighting systems installations
- force installations
- thunder proof installations
- power supply for overhead cranes
- street and area lighting

- overhead cranes
- technological runs
- electrical appliances
- NN and SN cable lines