The EL-HUT BIS Company was established through proprietary transformation and restructuring of the Krakow ELEKTROMONTAZ-2 Corporation.
It employs a team of highly qualified electrical technicians and technical engineers with many years of experience gained through handling national and international projects.
We are in possession of self-contained warehouse space and logistic equipment in the D±browa Górnicza which gives us possibility to operate more professionally and more economically. The EL-HUT BIS Company has been an executor of diverse electrical projects at many industrial areas of Poland. We have always succeeded in meeting all high requirements of our clients and performed at the best level of service.

The company specializes mainly in handling of low, average and high tension power line networks, electrical construction installations, muff and cable head installations, control press reinforcement, NN and SN switching stations, post-installation and modernization measurements of overhead cranes, hoists and winches (UDT Commission).

Further more, we also run a Sales Department which focuses on distribution and mediation in selling cables, wires and conductors of Polish and foreign producers.
The trust we have gained over the years through our cooperation with suppliers, gives us opportunity to negotiate very competitive rates, owing to which we are able to offer cost-effective prices to our clients.


Tradition in success since 1970's

Headquarters' address:
ul. Bałuckiego 9a
30-318 Kraków
tel./fax: (0048) 12 267 75 41
tel.: (0048) 12 267 75 25

Building site management address:
ul. Kasprzaka 15
41-303 D±browa Górnicza
tel./fax: (0048) 32 792 79 46

NIP: 679-161-34-39
Regon: 357739823


- exterior lighting systems installations
- interior lighting systems installations
- force installations
- thunder proof installations
- power supply for overhead cranes
- street and area lighting

- overhead cranes
- technological runs
- electrical appliances
- NN and SN cable lines